With an experience over 20 years of design, development, manufacturing and procurement in the high pressure pneumatic maritime and oil & gas sectors, we are a successful company in tailor-made solutions. We have the technology and the team to deliver quality products at realistic costs.
In-house design is our core competence; our goal is to ensure our tailor made solutions give your products the differentiation they deserve.

Definition of:

“A project consists of a complicated, unique ,with specified duration task aimed to achieving a clear and predefined goal,through a continuous process of planning , differentiated resource control and interdependent constraints”

(R.D. Archibald, Project management. La gestione di progetti e programmi complessi, Franco Angeli, Milano, 2004).

To this definition Kompressor wanted to add only one word:
Special (from latin “specialis” derived from “species :spese of” :Uncommon, out of ordinary, a special kind of.. This is how our special projects born, from requirements of our customers who need to work out of ordinary standards ,but with guaranteed functionality, repeatability and impeccable reliability.
We realized and did come true specific technical ideas and requests to adapt your needs to extreme climatic and geographic conditions ,on site installations in unconventional locations and situations, ensuring maximum efficiency and profitability for our partners.